About the Cover

I have had many people ask about the meaning behind the cover for my book. I would like to begin by saying that art is meant to tell a story and speak to the individual. So, I will give you an idea of what inspired the cover, but I always love hearing your interpretations as well.

The world is covered in a veil that has become toxic and it's being lifted to reveal light. We wanted to imagine what it would be like if God were removing the veil. The twisting at the top is meant to be more organic than a physical hand.

The idea is that God has covered the world in light through his son's actions and we are able to reveal that beauty through our actions. The veil is stagnant, workless, Christianity. The kind that clocks in and out on Sunday and has no fruit. I truly believe that if we focus on being Christians, then we can show the world how beautiful God intended for it to be.

Cover Artist: Matthew Ace