Answering the Question: "Is that You, God?"

Answering the Question: "Is that you, God? A message for the Over-Thinker

A Message for the Over-Thinker

Do you ever wonder who you should share the Gospel with? Is God really calling you to share with that person or are you making it up in your head?

Here are three questions to ask yourself in order to know if God is inspiring you to love someone or share the Good News with them.

1. Do they have a pulse?

2. Are they human?

3. Are you wondering if you should share with them?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then go ahead and step out in faith and share.

That's evangelism in a nutshell.

The Bible commonly refers to sharing the Gospel as planting seed or preparing for harvest. 

When Jesus or the apostles talked about planting seeds, they were usually talking to farmers. The people of Israel were farming much differently than I initially imagined. Until a few years ago, I always pictured a sower planting seeds the way my parents did in the backyard garden they had while I was growing up. One by one, carefully placing just the right amount in its designated place. 

The more I studied the more I realized that the crops they were planting in B.C. Israel weren't planted that way at all. The sowers had to sow widely to insure a good harvest. Planting looked more like taking a handful of seeds and throwing them everywhere. Whatever grew, grew.

Considering that a lot of Jesus' and Paul's parables had to do with farming, I think understanding the way they farmed is really important. The person who has the back yard garden mentality is careful with their seed, trying to plant it only where they think it will grow, but the sower who understands more is less selective. They just share the Gospel with everyone and let God pick which plants get watered and grown.

Obviously, don't ignore the tug of the Holy Spirit when he wants you to do something in the name of always being random either. Just don't doubt if it's him or not. Last I checked the devil isn't going to tell you to tell someone they are forgiven or invite them to Heaven. If you are wondering if it's "you prompting sharing, and not God", then be excited that you are thinking more like Him then you know. He wishes that none should perish, but that all should come to know him. Unconditional love won't push people away from the Gospel whether they are "ready" for it or not. If it does, they were determined to be angry before you ever opened your mouth. God's kindness brings people to repentance. I truly believe that.  

Take it from someone who had Christianity shoved down his throat his whole life. I'm definitely not upset about it. Even though half the time it wasn't shared in love. I never doubted that there was a God. I've doubted that He liked me. But I always knew He was real because people shared their faith with me and I believed them. I knew where to turn when I stopped running from the Truth.

At first, I adopted other people's faith, before I could believe on my own. I believed that they were telling the truth about their own experiences. I believed the Bible to a degree. (Although, I never read it in context) I didn't have a solid foundation of my own until I actually pursued the Truth for myself. Sharing your beliefs give people something to partner with until they can figure stuff out for themselves. They borrow your faith first. 

It's like we (Christians) are a torch and God is a bonfire. You can light someone's torch with your own and it may burn for a while, but eventually they will have to go to the source if they want to continually be on fire. That doesn't mean you leave them in the dark or stress about whether they will ever find the bonfire. Just keep sharing your own and hopefully one day they will listen and follow you back to the source.

Please don't spend your time wondering if God wants you to share His love with people.


Have you ever struggled with knowing whether the Holy Spirit was actually inspiring you, or if you were just making it up in your head? Let me know what you think in the comments below.