Thankful for the Proof

Thankful for the Proof (Freedom from Addiction)

I'm sitting in a chair holding the proofs for my book, looking at my daughter, thinking about my wife, and bawling my eyes out. Eight years ago I was a broken drug addict who thought he would die before his 21st birthday. God had different plans.  

I deserved death and destruction. No doubt about it. I was terrible to people, I had very little compassion on anyone other than myself, and I knew I was destined for hell. There was no justification for my sin. I didn't think it was okay. I was just numb. I made a choice every single day to continue living in bondage, knowing there was a better way. Some people call addiction a disease. I agree, in the sense that you need a cure, not that you are helpless to use. I did have a disease, but it was self-inflicted, and I found the cure.

Enter Jesus

I could stop there, but I won't.  

I'm still not perfect. I make mistakes and learn from them and grow, but I wish I could show you a snapshot of my memories from then till now. The resurrecting power of Jesus Christ is undeniable. I can give you all the self-help techniques in the world, but the only way real change happens is through true surrender. You gotta give up and stop. Let Jesus heal you. Ask Him to show you the Truth. Let Him change the way you see the world. Let Him give you purpose.  

I get tired of tiptoeing around saying this in the name of being relevant to everyone, but there really is no other Answer. No other way to become free. He is the only Truth.  

I'm open to discussion. I try to approach everyone with an open mind and appreciate their position, but if I didn't believe my own position, then it might as well be philosophy instead of faith.  

I'm free because of Jesus Christ.

I know I usually post on Friday, I just felt like I should share this with you guys today. It's in the moments where I could say, “Wow look what I did”, that I’m the most grateful. When my life was in my hands I almost killed myself. So, I don't get the glory. All I can do is be thankful and weep with joy.