A Letter to Mom

A mother's day letter to Mom.

A special mothers day post for my wife.
(Words by Violet. Written by Dad.)

I hope to be speaking soon so that Dad doesn’t have to interpret for me, but since I haven’t figured out how yet, hopefully his translation will be accurate.

First off, thank you so much for carrying me around in your belly until I was just big enough to survive outside. I know I kept punching your organs and grabbing your stomach, forcing all your food to come back out. (My bad, it was pretty tight in there.) Dad told me about your sacrifice and how you spent a long time being uncomfortable so that I could live. That’s a big deal by itself and I don’t take that for granted.

Now that I’m outside, I’m learning new things every day about your world. I’ve listed some of them:

  1. I know if I make enough noise, you will do just about anything to make me feel better.

  2. You refuse to put me down even when Dad says he has it under control, and to go back to bed. You still rock me to sleep and sing to me.

  3. You make me smile and hold me close so I feel really warm.

  4. You are really good at making sure I have just the right amount of clothes on so my lip doesn’t quiver.

  5. You put me before your own needs even when I make you feel like a zombie from lack of sleep.

  6. I can make you smile and laugh just by burping or pooping. (You and dad are an easy crowd)

  7. We spent the first 6 weeks together every day and I miss those times. Every day when you leave for work I’m just not the same until you get home. Dad says it’s necessary, but I really value our time together. He tries to distract me by being funny till you get home. Sometimes it works, but other times we just have to come see you.

  8. I’m not sure why I need my arms trapped in the swaddle? I wish I could just be free. I thought I stretched out enough in your belly to let you know I don’t like being constricted.

  9. I’m watching everything you do and I hear the way you talk about Jesus. I am still trying to figure him out, but if you guys are right about him, he must be awesome.

  10. You make Dad really happy. He won’t shut up about how great you are and how I remind him of you. Hopefully one day I can find a man who will love me the way he loves you. (edited by Dad: “Hopefully one day FAR, FAR, into the future I can find a man who will love me the way he loves you.")

Above all the things I’ve listed, one stands out the most: There’s nothing I can do to make you angry. It’s unnatural. I’ve pooped on you. I've thrown up on you. I've cried without ceasing for hours at a time. I've even waited till the moment you fell asleep and screamed as loud as I can. No matter what I do, you just smile, have compassion on me, and try to make me feel better. Are you even human?

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve only been alive for two months you know. Maybe I’ll have more to say next year. Happy Mother’s Day! Please give Dad a hug. It’s hard for him to be this cheesy. He usually pokes fun at people who talk for their babies. I think I might be changing him.


-Love, Violet