A New Beginning

A New Beginning

We are moving to Corpus Christi, TX on Friday. There is a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Kayla and I are choosing to embrace excitement as much as possible. I will miss Norman a lot. It’s where Kayla and I have developed our marriage and even grown our family from two to three with Violet’s arrival. 

In January I began talking with Kayla about moving from Norman. It’s hard to explain what led to our conversation without seeming overly spiritual, but I will just share and you can think I’m crazy if you want. 

There have been multiple times this year that I’ve driven through Norman with an incredible sense of nostalgia. At first I was thrown off; because for us, this place was home. I dropped Kayla off at the dentist and I was wasting time driving around campus. I began thinking about all the memories we’ve made here. As I thought of all the different chapters of our life, I felt sad, almost like the book was closing on each one.

I called one of my friends and told him about it and he encouraged me to be patient and let God reveal his plan. He said that if God wants us to move, then he would provide a way. He also said if we want to move and follow that desire then the Lord would go with us and bless us. Then we talked about the difference in being called to a purpose vs. being called to a place. 

I picked Kayla up and told her how felt and she was more than happy to pray and investigate with me. To all the fellas out there: If you can find a woman who doesn’t think you are crazy when you tell her stuff like that and embraces adventure, then marry her as fast as possible. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

A few months passed and Violet was born. We have loved being around family and friends for the first part of her life. She’s a bundle of joy and it’s fun to watch people interact with her. Honestly, even strangers are so much nicer when I have her with me. It’s been awesome! 

We have had the thought of moving in the back of our minds for a while. Even more so this year. It’s hard because on one hand, we want Violet to grow up knowing her family and being close to them, and on the other, we want her to enjoy new places and adventure as much as we do. 

Recently, Kayla’s company announced that they were selling the property she works at, but that they would come up with a few offers so she could transfer. I’m so thankful that our hearts were already prepared in January, because instead of it being a negative thing we could get excited. 
We sat down and made a list of things we wanted for our lives. Then made pros and cons list for the places that we thought were most likely to be offered. We also listed unlikely variables that would decide for us. For example: if such-and-such happens we will for sure take that offer.

Ironically, Corpus Christi wasn’t even on our list of available places. Someone quit at the last moment and her company offered that position along with a couple others. The offer had all of our variables and was the best fit for the core values in our lives. It’s funny how things work when we are patient.

Not to make light of the recent hurricane that blew through Corpus Christi and into Houston, but I’m looking at it as an opportunity to help people using my restoration background as a ministry. It’s also really cool that the Latin translation for “Corpus Christi” is “Body of Christ”, so we are actually moving to a place called “Body of Christ”.  

Over the next few weeks I’m going to release a few blogs sharing some key lessons I learned while living in Norman about life, love, and marriage. I’ll begin that this week, so stay tuned.


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