Christians Being Christians: A 28 Day Challenge

Christians Being Christians Book

How do I live the life that Jesus said to live?

I asked myself this question, then I looked at the devotionals on my bookshelf. They taught me how to be a better person. They were vague and idealistic, but none of them offered practical, hands-on advice. So, I wrote my own. This book contains twenty-eight days of challenges meant to help people grow in their capacity for love. The challenges start with simple acts of kindness and grow in boldness as the book progresses. As I wrote this book, I also did the challenges. The growth I received was amazing, and I want to share that with you. Not only will you grow, but you'll also be serving your community and sharing the gospel. This devotional challenges believers to truly walk the talk. I hope you’ll join me and countless others in our pursuit to fulfill the call that Jesus left with us; to be Christians.