Getting Fit at Home

Getting Fit at Home

Last month I got serious about fitness again. I went to the gym 2-3 times a week and tried to stay true to the keto diet. I cheated on the diet a few times, and I definitely didn’t eat the same thing every day like I planned. I still think that is a good strategy for me, but my wife joined me and she likes variety; so I ended up mixing it up more than I originally intended.

Since mid-October I’ve lost twenty-five pounds total and I can see a significant change in my physique and the way I feel. Last month I lost ten pounds. My goal is to lose ten more pounds this month. (Not just water weight)

I know a lot of people tell you to ignore the scale and just work out and eat healthy; but I wrestled most of my life and the scale has always been a clear indicator of fitness for me. I know for some people it can get unhealthy and they stress more about losing weight than getting in shape. I don’t believe I’m one of those people. If that's you and you are following along, then by all means hide your scale and just pull it out to weigh once a month.

One difficulty I ran into last month was time management. I waited till Kayla got off work and Violet was asleep to go to the gym. My life is pretty full at the moment, so working out often took a back seat to other priorities.

I’ve always thought that no one was too busy to skip workouts; that it was a matter of getting your priorities in order. I still believe that, but with stuff at the church, taking care of Violet, being a husband, and writing my plate stays pretty full these days. I'm not single and 20 anymore, so the days of spending two or three hours in the gym every day are long gone. I could probably still make that work, but I'd much rather be a present father and husband than have chiseled abs quicker. 

That being said, this month I’m going to take a different approach. I’ve designed my workouts to be done at home during Violet’s nap time. I’ll probably still get some cardio in a couple nights a week, but that doesn’t take as long as last month’s workouts. If you are following along and want to continue with the workouts from last month, you can find them here.

I’ll be continuing keto this month as well. I explained it in more detail in my last fitness blog. I use the “Lose It” app to track my food intake. It’s been really helpful with keeping track of macronutrients and percentages. I highly recommend it!




Day 1

Wide Push-ups- 3x20

Military Push-ups- 3x20

Standard Push-ups- 3x20

Chair dips- 3x15-20

Wall Handstand Pushups-3x5 (Feet on chair at first to build up to unassisted)

Plank- 3x1min


Day 2

*All Body Weight

Squats- 3x20

Lunges- 3x10 (Each Leg)

Hip Thrusters- 3x10

Calf Raises- 3x20 each leg

Lying Leg Raises- 3x15


Day 3

Pull Ups- 3x10

Chin Ups- 3x10

Seated Isolated Curls- 3x10

Superman-Banana- 3x20 seconds each side


*Complete all three days at least once a week.

*Cardio a couple times a week.

*Yoga 30 minutes every day. (I am doing a 30 day yoga challenge with my wife)


Heres a look at my progress so far!

Fitness Before and After


If you want to follow along with me or have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me personally. (Link at the bottom of the page)