How do You Respond to Failure?

How do you respond to Failure?

The question in this post's title plagued me most of last month. Midway through the month I hit a plateau in weight loss and I didn’t feel like working out. I even skipped some time dieting and exercising because I was frustrated by missing workouts the week before.

It’s a slippery slope when you let failure get to you.

It may seem silly, but I feel accountable when I write a blog and even more so when I don’t follow through the way I intend. After a week of rest I re-accessed my goals and had to make a decision.

The way I saw it, I had two options.

  1. Give up, delete this section of my website and workout occasionally like I’ve been doing for the past five years.

  2. Accept that I’m not perfect and move forward by having grace on myself.

Obviously, I wrote this blog, so I’m not giving up. Something occurred to me in the midst of feeling like a failure. Even though I failed to execute my plan perfectly, I still worked out more than when I had no accountability at all.

Sometimes life becomes busy or we become lazy and it interferes with our goals. I think when we fail it gives us a unique opportunity to build character.

March is usually the month when people start forgetting about their New Year’s resolutions and fall back into familiar habits. If that’s you, I want to challenge you to “get back on the horse”. Failing 30% of the time is better than 100%.

This month I’m going to prepare for a 5k. I’m not a runner so my goal is to hit the 25-30 minute mark. For me that’s pretty much a sprint the whole way. I know there are probably some marathon people reading this scoffing at my goal, but for me this is challenging.



The diet plan is pretty simple this month. I’ll be adding carbs back into my diet, but focusing on slow burning carbs (sweet potatoes, leafy greens, etc..) and staying away from fast burning carbs (bread, pasta, etc.). I’m shooting for a more balanced diet that will allow me have energy to run without interfering with weight loss.



Week 1- Run 2 miles 4 times

Week 2- Run 3 miles 4 times

Week 3- Run 4 miles 4 times

Week 4- Run 3.1 miles 4 times (pushing for my goal time)

*I’ll be doing yoga a few times a week as well for core strength and because it's fun.


I’m still looking for a 5k to enter in at the beginning of April. If anyone has information on a local (OKC Metro) run please let me know. If you enjoy running and want to enter with me let me know.