Invest in Someone Else's Hobby This Week.

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This week’s challenge is brought to you by my wife. I asked her to create a challenge, and she came up with something selfless and fun. (Two qualities I love about her)

There is something about investing in someone else’s hobbies that shows love in a pure and simple way. Within our culture it’s easy to get caught up focusing on surrounding ourselves with friends who have common interests and shutting ourselves off from new experiences; because "that’s just not our thing”. One thing you should try to do if you take this challenge is enjoy yourself even if you wouldn’t typically love the activity.

You might ask yourself: “What does this have to do with Christianity?”

In my experience it’s easy to get caught up trying to replicate the Bible or trying to find scripture to back up “ministry” actions. When we do this, we become the type of people Jesus was constantly correcting. People who turned their religion on and off based what we're doing. Jesus called the pharisees “hypocrites” which in greek translates to “actors in a play”. They looked one way on the outside, but inside they were empty. They were blindly filling their role instead of recognizing who He was. 

Christianity is meant to be a lifestyle, not a list of ministry tasks that we categorize as “Christian” or “secular”. 

Trying not to be like the pharisees isn't the answer. The answer is always Jesus. When we live in union with him, we (super)naturally become ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. Everything becomes ministry. We are living for Christ or we are lost. There aren't "secular" or "Christian" acts, there are only believers and unbelievers. We are either telling the story of redemption or condemnation with our lives. I wish I could tag this on every challenge because it's really important to understand if you are going to be intentional for Christ.

One thing I love about my wife is how she effortlessly carries the presence of God into everything she does. She doesn’t feel like she isn’t doing enough if she hasn’t checked off her Christian task list for the day. Kayla knows she is a daughter of God when she’s watching tv at home, and a daughter of God when she’s on an outreach with the church. She really gets that and doesn’t carry the burden of performance for acceptance. Hence, the unconventional challenge.

This is a perfect challenge to comment about your experience. You can also share a picture of your experience on Instagram with the tag: #christiansbeingchristians if you want. I'm excited to see where people go with this one.