Share Your Story With Someone This Week

Challenge #3-10.png

This week’s challenge is one I borrowed from my book. This is something you could do once a week, and you’d find joy every time. 

The challenge is to share your story with someone.

You can share with someone you are close to or a complete stranger. 

Sharing your story has two primary benefits:

1. You help strengthen someone else’s faith.

2. You are reminded of where God brought you from.

It used to surprise me when I first became a Christian that more people didn’t share their faith. I came out of a really dark life, full of sin and brokenness, and I didn’t understand why more people weren’t sharing this amazing answer that could free people from their misery. 

Then I lived as a Christian for several years and saw the problem. It’s easy to get caught up in the business of life or “doing church” and forget that without God you are a broken person. 

When we share our stories with other people it helps us stay grounded, knowing that apart from God we are a mess.

Sharing your story also brings legalism to its knees. When you look back and see how far God has brought you, then you quickly realize the struggles you currently have need the same solution that all the others did. 

You can’t fix yourself. 

Only through true surrender can we find freedom from sin. It’s found at the feet of Jesus. The moment we get up and walk away (metaphorically in our hearts) is the moment we will fall into religious systems and idolatry. 

Sorry if this is all heavy for a simple weekly challenge. It’s just something I think is super important for Christians and I don’t think we do it enough. No matter where you came from, if you are a Christian, God rescued you from hell. That’s good news. Share it with someone.