Buy My Book!

Buy my book! A shameless plug from the author.

Completing this challenge will open up the opportunity for many more! My book is launching on June 23rd!

Recently, I heard someone say that if you believe in your project and you don’t promote it, then you are actually being selfish. That hit home for me, and it gave me the breakthrough necessary to market my book. I’m beyond excited for what it is going to do in people’s lives. I believe it’s relevant no matter what generation you belong to. This week I’m shamelessly plugging my book because I’ve worked hard to create something that will be helpful. I want to challenge people to buy it and give it a chance.

I am so thankful for this entire process, and I appreciate all the support I’ve had so far. It’s encouraging to watch people get excited about being active Christians because it's in their heart; not just because I put the right amount of words together in a particular order to get them emotionally charged.  

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If you don't like that I didn't give a practical gospel challenge like I have in the past, then take this week to make one up for yourself and share your ideas. I would love to eventually include other people's challenges in the "weekly challenge section" of this website.