Taking a Break


Over the last couple months life has become more busy than usual. Kayla got a promotion at work, and while it’s a blessing, it requires more from me at home. She is traveling for work one week each month now and overseeing multiple properties instead of just one. We recently moved to Austin and I also want to finish the book I’m working on. Due to the circumstances and the fact that I constantly feel like I’m lacking in one area or another; I’ve chosen to remove some stuff from my plate. Blogging is one of those things.

I am still going to continue working out and learning things about family and faith; and of course I’ll still be failing and hopefully learning from mistakes. I just want to focus more on writing books and being the best father and husband that I can. Feel free to read any of my old blogs and email me with any questions about any topics you’d like. I would love to continue helping people get in shape or attempt to answer questions they have about Christianity or parenting. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay tuned in. (The link for social media and email at the bottom of this page)


Thank you for the constant support and love!


I’ll be back!


About Me

About Me

My name is Devan Hare. My wife Kayla and I live in Norman, Oklahoma. We both have love for Jesus and his church. We also both have a passion for ministry. Our daughter Violet was born in March, and she has introduced us to one of the greatest adventures we could imagine. Recently, Kayla and I decided that it would be best for our lives if I stayed at home with Violet and pursued my dreams through writing.


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